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Quarter Beef Deposit


$937.5 - $1,171.87 Final Price
Price per lb. - $6.25

$200 Deposit required
Payments made by credit card will see credit card costs (3%) on final bill.

Typical Range carcass weight/hanging weight quarter beef 150 -  187.50 lbs.

Typical packaged meat yield is 125 to 160 lbs. meat (based on 15-20% shrinkage and cutting of trim and bone)

Estimated Delivery: 3 to 5 weeks from receipt of deposit

Beef Cuts List

With a beef order you can receive these cuts:

Ribsteaks (Delmonico/ribeye)
T-bone & Porterhouse (filet mignon, new york strip)
Sirloin steak
Sirloin tip steak
Chuck steak
Round steak
Flank steak
Skirt steak
Shank steak
Cube steak
Ground beef
Chuck roast
Round/rump roast
Brisket roast
Stew meat/kabob meat
Short ribs
Soup bones

Each order will be custom cut to your specifications.